Tinus Le Roux was receptive to working together to bring the interactive panoramic aspect to the web from the beginning.  Francois Willemberg took some amateur-hour imagery and worked his magic to create the massive panoramic image featured in the digital memorial, and James Taylor worked through multiple iterations of the User interface from concept to it's current state... all over the web from South Africa.







Three generations of the Birchler family were an integral part of this project.  Most of the technological aspect of the project was driven by Dr. Ray Birchler’s knowledge, skillset, and tireless dedication. Additional members of his family provided imaging reference information, historical perspective, and gracious hospitality to the team (and others displaced by the storm), for many days and late nights as we put the site together.







Rutgers University, Department of Geography

Dr. Dave Robinson, Geography professor at Rutgers University and NJ State Climatologist, offered support and reference contacts for the technical aspects of the projects.  The NJ Weather and Climate Network was also a reliable source of data for conditions around the state, before, during and after the storm.  If you prefer data over entertainment when it comes to weather in Jersey, this is a great source. 

Note from Gil: Dr. Robinson was also my climate systems professor and advisor at Rutgers, and gave me the understanding to immediately comprehend the gravity of the storm and its effect on our coastal environment.  I was in touch with him as the storm approached, and in the immediate aftermath.  When I asked him for advice on this project the day after the storm, he said something to the effect of "regardless of what happens in the immediate aftermath, those types of images captured right now could prove to be invaluable from a historical perspective."  That was the final straw to put the helicopter on the credit card.





Dr. Gregory Vandeberg, PhD.

Dr. Vandeberg, Dr. Bradley Rundquist, and their team of grad students listed below helped index and geo-reference the imagery for Monmouth County as part of a remote sensing and aerial photography interpretation course.  Their efforts will make Monmouth County available much sooner.  

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Ryan Domeier, Brett Sergenian, Bruce Muller, Shawn Russell, Andrew Schmaus, Luke Gaugler, Rick Thalacker, Zach Braun, Michael Knudson, Tom Hutchens.  




NJ + Jersey Shore Tech

Aaron Price of Hoboken and Brett Morgan of Asbury Park helped with references and network opportunities for the project. Additionally, they provide events that help inspire individuals to work together to create products and services that benefit everyone.  


Rajesh Nanda, CMS Developer, Bhubaneswar, India.

Web:  /  Facebook: ContonaServices  /  Skype: contonaservices

Rajesh was born and raised in Bhubaneswar, known as "Temple City"  located on east coast of India. He earned his degree in Computer Science and Engineering and works in web technologies. He serves clients from all around the world, and although he did not see the devastation up close he was happy to assist in building the website so that it may help to aid in the recovery effort.    Rajesh went above and beyond the call of duty by customizing the programming scripts for the pan and zoom features of this website specifically for this project.



Radcakes Apparrel and Printing- The crew at RadCakes found time to print up some custom T shirts for the team, amid helping out with many other local recovery and Sandy related requests.  


Friends and Family members of the team...

Many members of the team have reached out to people in their close personal networks for resources and advice during the course of the project in the immediate aftermath of the storm.  Even while they were dealing with the aftermath of the storm, they offered unending support and help. We greatly appreciate the sacrifices made by everyone. 

The Blazak Family:  Thanks for sparking the technological side of this project with the Birchler connection! 

Erin: Thanks for sharing the background image.

Kyle and Kitty: Thank you for the air photo mosaic stitching advice, contacts and resources.